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Check out some of our DIY and informational videos to learn how to make your next painting project a success. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for additional videos, please let us know.

John Peek shares tips on using Modern Masters Copper Patina Paint

Using the Metal Effects system of primer, copper paint and patina solution, John shows how to get a cool verdigris copper patina

Fine Paints of Europe is the topic this week with John and Jordan

John and Jordan talk about how to hire a great painter….or any contractor for that matter!

John Peek shares painting tips that will help you get you project done quicker”

How to make a dirty bucket usable for painting. How to get leftover paint back into the paint can cleanly and neatly

John Peek shares prep tips on KOGO Radio, “The Home Pro Show”

Cheap paint can cost you far more in the long run
Lack of proper surfaces preparation can make even the best paint fail.
How can you avoid these common pitfalls? John Peek, owner of Peek Brothers Painting explains surfaces preparation tips and techniques on KOGO radio on The Home Pro Show.

Exterior Restoration of Unique Richard Neutra Designed Home in San Diego by Peek Brothers Painting

Poorly maintained by a previous owner, this Neutra designed home had been varnished. Due to extensive de-lamination of the finish, Peek Brothers was called to restore the surfaces as specified by original architect. Extensive stripping/sanding and oiling with Amteco TWP and Akzo Nobel Sikkens Cetol brought it back to its original, as built look

Refinishing Albertini Italian Mahogany Windows and doors and La Jolla home by Peek Brothers

A beautiful beach area home designed by Laura DuCharme AIA; this residence had been poorly maintained by a subsequent owner. Peek Brothers Painting, stripped off the peeling finishes and started from raw wood with ultra-premium grade Sansin products that are designed for this hard wood. With simple maintenance over the years, these surfaces should never require costly stripping again

Refinishing hardwood Teak Deck with Akzo Nobel Sikkens Cetol

When heavily weathered, a deck of this type not only needs oxalic acid wash but also sanding to get to the honey toned wood. Peek Brothers then applies ultra premium grade Cetol Marine for a durable and beautiful finish

Peek Brothers Mission Hills Historic California Bungalow Restoration

Due to extensive multiple coat adhesion failure; paint had to be stripped, wood repaired with epoxy filler and then primed and painted with Benjamin Moore Aura

Entry Doors Finished with Fine Paints of Europe

Whether brushed or sprayed, there is no finish like the true hard oil enamel of Fine Paints of Europe’s Dutchlaq, imported from the Netherlands.Peek Brothers specializes in entry door refinishing

Baseboard painting technique for sharp lines

How to get clean and precise paint lines at baseboards and wall junction with this simple professional paint technique shared by John Peek, owner of Peek Brothers Painting

Temporary Portable Spray Booth

If you need to apply a sprayed finish to cabinet doors, drawer fronts or other small items, here’s how we at Peek Brothers Painting set up a portable “spray booth” to keep the paint on the work piece and off the surroundings.

Painting Tips:
Pre-clean your roller;
Staying clean and organized

Three quick tips, shared by John Peek of Peek Brothers Painting, to remove lint from your roller, staying clean while painting and staying on the jobsite!

Decorative Sheet Metal Protects Exposed Wood

A simple way to protect exposed wood from premature failure by using decorative sheet metal caps to keep water and subsequent rot from ruining your exterior trim! All exposed beams and rafter tails are covered like this when Peek Brothers Painting does the job.

Don’t Try This at Home

Just to get you started, Mr. Bean demonstrates one or two things you shouldn’t do.

To be fair, he does a pretty good job of masking & taping the fruit…