Irving Gill Restoration in Banker’s Hill, San Diego

Irving Gill designed historic structure in Bankers Hill is restored

  • This property was originally a private residence with a home built in the 1880’s
  • In the early 1900’s The Bishop’s Schools added a chapel and classrooms and hired renown architect Irving Gill
  • In the 1940’s the facility was taken over by a church that still meets there today.
  • The poured concrete walls, that Gill was known for, were not protected on the top of the wall and so water was allowed to penetrate the wall, causing substantial delamination of the surface plaster stucco.
  • To protect the environment all waterblast water was kept out of the gutter/stormdrain and kept on the property
  • A very unobtrusive drip cap was added to the top of the wall to stop further damage to the building
  • The windows are all old fashioned, putty glazed and were in need of substantial preparation.
  • Interior and exterior areas were protected from lead contamination and carbide scrapers followed by sanding with Festool sanders with HEPA vacuums attached to get a smooth surface ready for paint.
  • All trim got a full prime and 2 finish coats spray applied for a super smooth finish.
  • Stucco plaster was primed and finish coated with both coats back-rolled to push paint into rough surfaces.
  • The metal patio cover got two coats of Amteco Zero Rust; first coat red oxide and second coat 50-50 mix of red and black.
  • Finish 2 coats of PPG PSX 700 siloxane black…..but wait! Deciding a beautiful blue would look much better, we applied 2 more coats of Siloxane …..if that structure ever rusts….I’ll eat my hat!!!
  • It is such a pleasure to work on such a beautiful and historic structure right here in the heart of San Diego and the church members are super happy with the results.