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5 Rules of Painting a Room with Two Colors

5 Rules of Painting a Room with Two Colors

Color is a fascinating element in any design scheme. You can creatively use two paint colors to add a striking visual contrast or subtle elegance to a room’s décor. Trained and experienced painting contractors use some basic rules of color selection based on the position of the color on a color wheel. If you’re new to painting and decoration or you simply don’t have an “eye” for color, a color wheel may help keep you get back on track.

Here are some of the basic rules and consideration you should keep in mind when painting a room with two colors–

1. Color Combination
The color combination you choose might be sometimes effective or simply refuse to play along. Colors which are very near to each other may be the perfect combinations to produce a relaxing effect while those that are opposite may clash. So, selecting the perfect combinations of color for the wall is a very important interior design aspect for your room.

2. Highlighting
A simple approach for this is to use contrast colors to highlight either the wall or the ceiling. If you decide to contrast the ceiling i.e. making it darker than the walls (which makes it seem lower) the room may look more comfortable and cozy. Painting the ceiling lighter has the opposite effect of raising the ceiling. You may make the upper walls the same color as the ceiling. The light color always draws your attention towards it, the upper walls matching with ceiling will visually widen the ceiling.

3. Accenting
Two colors close together on the wheel will create a great impact if you have wall hangings or colorful furnishings. Using different shades of the same color in the same way as of contrast ones will give the same effects, but to a lesser degree. You can use the same colors for all the ceilings and walls, and paint the trim with a different color.

4. Patterning
There is an endless number of possible patterns that can be made from 2 colors chosen. One way of patterning is making the borders contrast or accent by using stripes with the help of painters tape. Vertical stripes visually raise the ceiling while horizontal ones push out the walls. Single stripes can also provide a great impact to the walls or ceiling. If there is furniture which matches your wall color, then painting the walls in semicircles or other patterns of the same color will result in a great look.

5. Analogous Colors
An analogous color system uses a close variation of your primary color choice. For instance, analogous choices for a violet wall would veer toward a purple or blue-colored paint. If you have yellow as your dominant color, you can balance it with an orange or tan secondary color.

Bonus tips
• Hardware Appliances: The best way to paint the room is to remove all the appliances such as fans, lights, AC, different switches and holders. Removing them will make the repainting specialist’s work much easier and safer. And as usual, always look out for loose hanging electrical wires and partially unplugged sockets. To be on safer side, consider disconnect electricity from the main board before painting begins.

• Move away Furniture: piling your furniture in the middle of the room might work for some, but that is if you have a bigger room. If your room is small you always want to remove things like the Bed, Table, Sofa, etc. to give the painter enough room to move around.


If you are going for two colors, always check the color combinations to ensure that the results will admirable. Perfect colors for rooms, halls, or a ceiling will not only change the physical look of your space but will also give a positive outlook towards your daily routine and lifestyle.

Depending on the painting technique, the best color combinations will create peace of mind with the impression that everything was done perfectly in the right manner. Painting with two or more colors is a tricky affair, and choosing a professional painter for this job can ensure that you get the best results both in terms of the colors choices and the actual paint work done.