Do I Have to Be Around While Painters Are Painting?

If you’ve got this question stuck in your mind unanswered, chances are you’re quite a busy person and you live alone, or everyone else you live with is just as busy. Hiring a professional painting contractor in San Diego in the first place is the best way to have your home painted with very little of your involvement.

Pro painters will save you the time, money and frustration that comes with attempting to paint the interior or exterior of your home without the right skills and tools. Expert painters have the skill, experience, training, and tools required to produce a flawless, high-quality and durable paint job.

Now back to your question, do I have to be around while painters are painting? To many homeowners, especially those who are hiring painting contractors for the first time, security and safety are often a valid concern.

After all, you’re inviting a bunch of total ‘strangers’ to spend days working in your home, and sometimes getting unrestricted access into your rooms in the case of interior painting –who wouldn’t be a little uneasy? Let’s take a look at a few scenarios when you have to be around and when you don’t have to be around during your residential painting process.

When You Need To Be Around

Well, for starters, before painters begin painting your home –whether it’s the interior, exterior, kitchen cabinets, fence or the deck –you will need to first request for a painting estimate from a painter or two. The painter will have to physically come to your home where you will brief them about the project. They will then assess the project, take any necessary measurements and ask a few questions before issuing an estimate.

So it’s important to be around during the estimating session so that each of you gets answers to any questions that you might have. This way, painters will also get to understand your needs better as you gain more insight on how the process will be carried out. If you can’t be around, at least leave someone at home who understands your painting needs and can brief the painter when they come around for an estimate.

If you’re having your home interior painted, chances are you will be giving them unrestricted access to each room that is being painted. While this is extremely rare, a few homeowners have reported missing items at the end of an unsupervised interior painting session. So if this is your first time working with that particular home painting contractor in San Diego, make plans for you or someone to stick around during home interior painting.

When You Don’t Have to Be Around

We generally recommend that you stick around during a residential painting just to keep an eye on what is happening, especially if you’re working with a less known, new painting company. However, if you’ve got quite a busy lifestyle, there’re some instances where you can excuse yourself.

For instance, during exterior painting jobs, such as exterior siding, deck, or fence, you don’t necessarily have to give the painter full access into your house. But you will typically need to offer them a space for changing and keeping their painting tools and equipment. This could be an exterior store, garage, shed, dirt room, etc. But of course, you may need to show up periodically and at the end of the painting project to check out the results.

Closing Thoughts

When hiring professional painters, due diligence needs to be done so that you only work with reliable, honest and efficient painting contractors. Talk to previous customers, check their reviews and reputation online, and find out if they’re insured. While most professional painters are generally trustworthy and reliable, if you can, make an effort to stick around when working with a painting crew for the first time on projects like home interior painting.

In case you haven’t yet located a reliable, honest and experienced residential painter in San Diego, Peek Brothers Painting would love to fill in that gap. To give us a try, call us on (858)505-1361 to get started.