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How to Refinish a Deck –Step By Step.

How to Refinish a Deck –Step By Step.

A wooden deck is a rustic and beautiful addition to any yard, great for summer meals outdoors and for relaxing in the evenings. These outdoor areas usually see a lot of traffic, especially during the warmer months. And to keep your deck looking appealing and bare-foot-safe, it needs regular maintenance, which includes refinishing.

Refinishing a deck essentially involves cleaning it in preparation for the application of a new finish, furnishing it with a brand new coat of stain and waterproofing it through the application of sealant. A waterproof coat won’t allow any to penetrate through which increases its durability.

What you need to refinish your deck.

Refinishing a deck involves a thorough cleanup process which requires the following equipment to ease the work, and make it look close to perfection.

• Broom: Both a hard broom and a soft broom is required here. The soft broom is required to brush off the small, tiny soft dirt on the floor of the deck. The hard broom is required to brush off the sticky debris that may have been neglected on the deck for months or years. The hard broom can also be used for scrubbing.
• Detergent: Either liquid or powdered detergent will be required to polarize the dirt on the floor during scrubbing. This enables the dirt to be scrubbed away with ease. The detergent should not be corrosive to the extent of damaging the wooden floor by creating pores or corroded holes on them.
• Supply of clean water: Clean water may be used to wash away the dirt after scrubbing or may also be used to make detergent solutions in the case of powdered detergents or for dilution purposes in the case of liquid detergents.
• Paintbrush: For the application of the final finish on the deck.
• Sandpaper: Sandpaper is used for scrubbing the surface where the final finish will be applied. The final finish must be applied in a clean area.
• Painter tape: for painting those straight lines and edges, and avoiding painted areas you didn’t want to paint.
• Waterproof deck finish: For applying on the deck after the clean-up process.
• Protective gear. Protective gear includes the gloves, overall, nose masks and safety boots just to guarantee the safety of the person refinishing the deck.

The process of refinishing a deck.

As mentioned earlier, before a deck is refinished, it needs be cleaned up thoroughly to ensure that the finishing stain sticks to the wooden surface properly. Here is how to go about applying your finish to the deck;

• Choose an appropriate day with conducive weather conditions, preferably a weekend when you are free and can dedicate adequate time to the process. The job should not be rushed. The weather should not be too sunny or too humid.
• Put on your well-fitting protective gear. The gear should be fitting so as to ensure your safety. Dragging clothe may trap you causing unnecessary injuries.
• Sweep the deck area starting with a hard broom to get off large and sticky debris. At the same time, inspect the area thoroughly, if you notice any areas that need repair, invite a carpenter to carry out repairs before proceeding with the rest of the project. Use the soft broom to sweep off loose dirt and debris after scrubbing with a hard broom.
• Use a sandpaper to sand the area thoroughly. Afterward, use plenty of clean water mixed with detergent to wash the entire deck. You can use the hard broom once more for a thorough scrubbing. Rinse with plenty of water plain then allow the deck to dry completely.
• Apply the waterproof finishing starting with the guard rails to the floor. Ensure the finishing is applied evenly and end without lap marks. Spice up with an additional coating if necessary. Check the can and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding wait time between applying coats.
• Remove the painter’s tape from protected areas once you’re done.

Bottom line

From the above deck refinishing overview, you can tell that it’s not as complicated as refinishing a wooden siding. But still, all due diligent needs to be exercised if you need to achieve desirable results.

Considering that most decks are more exposed to the elements than even the siding, an inferior finish work can cause the finish to fade and succumb to the effects harsh weather elements. Hiring a professional painting contractor is probably your best chance of getting the best durable results.