Patch Large Holes in Drywall

Top 5 Ways to Patch Large Holes in Drywall

If you ever find a hole marring an otherwise perfectly good wall, you shouldn’t worry anymore. The simple solution is to patch your drywall. Patching drywall is really easier than it appears – you just need to use the right tools and a fewPatch Large Holes in Drywall basic principles.

There are so many products as well as “easy fixes” that you can use for patching drywall damage. There are two main steps involved in patching drywall – securing a new piece of wallboard in place, and taping and finishing the wall.

Step #1: Cut a Patch from a Piece of Scrap:

In order to secure a new piece of wallboard in place, you basically need to cut an even larger hole in the wall you’re patching. You can cut out a square or rectangular patch from the wall, even though the hole is of different shape. This would save your time and trouble. Once you are done, you need to place the patch over the hole-area and trace around it with a pencil.

Step #2: Cut Out the Drywall along the Traced Line:

Use a knife and cut out the drywall along the traced line. If the patch is large, you can use a drywall saw to cut the wall. Drywall saws are available at your home center for about $4. Be careful and use a light touch to avoid wiring and pipes that are often hidden in the wall

Step #3: Trim Away All Loose pieces on the wall and install an anchor backer.

You can also use a sharp utility knife to trim away any loose paper facing or pieces of drywall around the hole.  Insert a small piece of wood like a paint stir stick that is 2-3 ” longer than the hole is wide and screw into it on either side of the hole…this is the “backer” at the backside of the wall that you can screw the replacement piece of drywall to. You can also purchase “drywall clips” at the home center that will also work quite well.

Step #4: Tape and Texture

Once the patch is screwed onto the backer wood or held in place with clips, apply fiberglass mesh tape over the seams and apply drywall compound. This might take a few thin coats (do not try to do it all at once!) After it is fare and smooth rub over the area with a wet sponge to make all transitions even. Depending on your exiting texture you can either apply a light “skip trowel” finish with your putty knife and fresh compound or you can purchase a spray can of texture and spray on and “orange peel finish”

Step #5: Paint over the Patch:

Once the patch is dried, apply prime over the patch with a good primer and you are ready to paint!

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