Do We Need To Provide Paints For Painting Services?

Hiring a painting contractor in San Diego is cost-effective, efficient, hustle-free, and saves you both money and time, compared to DIY painting. While you probably already have some ideas on the paint color schemes, you might be wondering if you need to buy the paint yourself or let your painter buy it for you.

The two options are both viable, but each has its own pros and cons based on a few factors, including your expert knowledge and preferences. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of both options.

Buying Your Own Paint

  • Exclusive control over your décor –Purchasing your own paint gives you a direct and more managerial role over your house painting. You get to choose the brand of paint and the supplier to buy it from.
  • Financial and quality control –When purchasing your own paint, you get to decide which paint quality to choose from and how much to spend on it. Many times, this can allow you to skip the mark up that painters add to paint when they buy it for you.

Letting the Painter Buy the Paint

  • It saves on time –if you’re hiring a painting contractor, they can buy the paint for you for free so you don’t have to go around paint shops looking for the best paint for your project. They even know where to find specialty paints such as zero-VOC paints which can take you quite some time to locate.
  • The contractor knows best –A professional’s advice is based on knowledge and vast experience. Some paint stores may hand you low-quality paints for the price of two, which will, in turn, start showing signs of paint after use.
  • Offers and discounts -Professional painters have long-established relationships with their vendors that enable them to purchase products at the best possible price. This allows them to use the best paint at a lower cost. They can then pass these savings along to you as their customer.
  • Conflict of interest and professionalism –Another reason to let the contractor buy your paint is that he may conflict with your choice based on professionalism. For instance, if you buy a not-so-matching paint combination for your project when hiring the painter, he might be uncomfortable using it. This happens a lot, especially when homeowners buy the paint based on their favorite colors only without considering important factors such as climatic conditions, durability, etc.

By letting the contractor buy paint for you, it doesn’t mean that you’ve given away all the control over the type of paint to use. The contractor will always prioritize your opinion and build expertise based on the foundation of your choice. They can do it so perfectly that sometimes what you had originally pictured in your mind, may seem outdated. Consequently, this allows a good client-contractor relationship which is important for quality output.

If you’re considering repainting your home, it’s generally advisable to seek professional advice from reputable and well-proven companies to do your painting. Hiring a pro ensures durable, consistent and high-quality paint job. Apart from helping you buy the best paint, they can also give you some free advice on the best paint color schemes. Only consider buying your own paint if you have some experience in painting and where to source the best paint supplies.

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