Importance of Proper Paint Surface Preparation

Are you considering repainting your home or property in San Diego? Whether you’re considering exterior home painting, interior home painting or deck staining, there needs to be some sort of surface preparation in order to get high-quality results.

The processes and extent of surface preparation might differ slightly depending on the current condition of the surface, surface material, damages and whether you’re painting or staining. However, for most paint jobs, the prep work typically involves making repairs, cleaning, sanding, paint stripping, caulking, and priming.

Most DIY painting enthusiasts tend to skip some of the most important paint surface prep process, either because they don’t have the tools, skills, and capacity, or they don’t know how important prep work is. Today, we will share a few quick points on why surface preparation is very important during any painting project.

Pressure Washing
Painting on a dirty and uneven surface cannot only be an inconvenience but also irritating. Starting with a clean surface sets the stage for a successful paint job. In the case of exterior home painting and deck staining, pressure washing as part of the prep work will help get rid of the dirt, grease, and debris that has accumulated over the years. Additionally, loose paint and things like molds can be easily knocked off the surface for a beautiful clean start.

Sanding and Paint Stripping
Sanding essentially involves using a manual or electrical sander to scrub off the top layer of relatively loose old paint or stain. In most cases, a new coat of paint will not readily adhere to old paint. This often leads to paint peeling and flaking sooner than expected. So sanding removes some of the loose top paint layers and also creates an even and rougher surface, perfect for paint adherence.

Paint stripping is typically stripping off an entire coat of paint using a paint stripper in preparation for a new paint job. This is common on surfaces which have old paint that is either cracking or peeling. One or both of these processes can be used depending on the condition of the surface.

Painting is a perfect opportunity to spot and make necessary repairs that could have otherwise advanced into costly repairs. During a home repaint project, painting contractors go around the house to assess the condition of the siding and the deck for any damages before painting can proceed.

The siding and deck are usually exposed to harsh weather and environmental elements such as rain, sunlight, frost, insects and high humidly. Over the years, these elements can lead to mold and mildew growth, missing caulk, rot, cracking and peeling off of some of the exposed materials.

A professional painting contractor will be able to spot these issues during the assessment and prep period and have a handyman fix them in good time before they grow into expensive money-sucking repairs. Without proper prep, things like caulking, patching holes, treating mold, and replacing rotted wood can easily be overlooked.

Most home interior and exterior paint jobs will almost always require priming before painting can happen. Typically, most paints do not stick well to bare surfaces, but they stick perfectly to primed surfaces. Considering that primers stick well to most bare surfaces, it makes sense to start your painting with a primer for better paint adherence.

In addition, primers are great at sealing in old paints and stains. Painting directly on the old paint can sometimes lead to the old paint showing through your new coat. This means your true new paint color might not come out clearly, and you will also need to use extra paint coats in order to fully cover the surface. This is particularly more evident when transitioning from a darker to lighter paint color.

Bottom Line
Overall, proper paint surface preparation is important for better paint adherence, even paint overage, high-quality results, cost-effective painting, and beautiful durable results. Hiring a professional painting company like Peek Brothers Painting is also a great plus if you’re looking for a guaranteed flawless outcome and a reliable paint job that you can count on years from now.