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Refinishing Decks and Teak Furniture

An amazingly refinished wood deck and teak furniture not only increases the overall curb appeal of your deck but it defends and lengthens the life of the wood. Besides, you can also increase the resale value of your old deck by teak and deck professionalsrefinishing it. A properly refinished deck can also attract the prospective buyers. At the same time, you can also increase the life of your teak wood furniture by refinishing it very often. Mentioned below are the most important instructions that you need to keep in mind when refinishing your wood decks and teak furniture.

Cleaning the Surface Properly:

Like many other painting and home remodeling project, cleaning the surface of your deck is the most important thing that controls the success of the refinishing project. A good surface preparation is always required to enhance the success rate when refinishing your wood deck. Prior to start the project, you need to properly clean the surface by using a good quality broom. You can use a good quality teakwood cleaner and a brush to clean the teakwood furniture. This would help you to rinse away all the dirt, grease and mildew with a good nylon brush. Remember, scrubbing, stripping, and power washing are the most notable ways to clean wooden surface. While cleaning the surface, you also need to be careful about reducing the chemical damage. In order to do this, you can wet all nearby plants just before utilizing the deck cleaners or strippers. Once done, you need to wash off any chemical residue.

Sanding the Wood Surface:

It is also necessary to sand the wood deck surface as well as the teakwood furniture in order to remove the gray colored surface grain. Sanding also ensures that the finish will last longer on the deck surface. The ideal way to do sanding is to use coarse sandpaper. Alternatively you can use foam sanding. In order to sand the large wood deck areas, you can use a handheld sander. This would surely eliminate the need of additional labor required to the refinishing project.

Applying the Finish:

The final step is to applying a good quality finish on the deck and the teakwood furniture. However, before doing the same, you need to give the surfaces enough time to dry properly. For guidance, you can check the instructions written on the product label. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a professional agent that is experienced in Teak & Deck Refinishing in Lemon Grove.