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DIY …Do it yourself painting projects?

When planning for a DIY project it is important to think things through a bit.

If you are like me you enjoy learning and doing new things! To complete a project and look at your handy work and enjoy that “Hey I did that myself!” With the plethora of home shows on TV nowadays, there are no shortage of ideas for home improvement.

Do you have the required expertise?

I thought to myself….I can replace that toilet….I have seen it done many times on jobsites. But I learned differently!  After 3 times trying to seat it properly on an uneven floor, I called a plumber!  If you don’t have the know-how needed, wouldn’t you rather do what you do best and use the money you’ve earned to pay a professional and have it done right the first time? I wish I had!

Do I have the time?

Do a good assessment of how much time you want to spend on a project and whether it can truly be completed within your constraints. You want to be sure your project does not drag on and become a burden rather than a joy to complete.The TV shows we watch that get such wondrous results in 20 minutes are time lapsed to get the needed results within the shows time allotment. I often watch with a smile on my face as I think to myself….how long and with how much off screen help, did they get that project competed!

Do I have the required tools?

To get professional results, use professional tools. If you are going to d a DIY do it yourself project, decide whether you have the requited tools and if you have to purchase, whether it is worth the cost in the long run. We have all professional tools that are regularly maintained and in great shape to achieve beautiful results efficiently.

After working your way through the decision process above. Give a me a call, I would be happy to quote your project. It will be done neatly, efficiently and quickly….and off your to do list!