Cleaning a Paint Brush


Wondering How to Recycle Paint?

If you have old paint piled up in your garage check out my video on how to properly get rid of it. You may be surprised at what you can recycle and what you cannot.


Metal Effects Copper Patina Paint from Modern Masters

Copper patina paint on a charitable “Mr. Ed”

  • Using a Graco HVLP sprayer, Metal Effects Paint from Modern Masters can be applied more evenly than brush and rolling
  • After applying the second coat by HVLP spary, the Acid Patina Solution from Modern Masters is applied with a hand skirt bottle to spritz the wet copper paint
  • The acid reacts with the copper and gives a beautiful patina
  • Since this project will be kept outside, I put a clear coat from Modern Masters over the copper patina to protect it longer from the elements
  • Remember “Ajax shakes out white and turns blue!” from the old TV ads? Well thats how this horse of a different color got his name!
  • This project was to raise mony for charity and now Mr. Ed AKA: “Cuprious” is gracing the front yard of a donor in Rancho Santa Fe no doubt!

Refinishing metal clad windows and doors

Metal clad windows and doors can be refinished to look like new

  • Metal windows and doors can become chalked, faded and pitted with oxidization
  • Often the finish can be buffed out and waxed
  • But often they have gone too far and we need to refinish with a bullet proof coating system
  • We protect the glass, clean the metal cladding free of contaminants and then sand to a sound condition
  • Using marine filler, we fill in any voids or damage caused by oxidization and then sand smooth
  • The surface is spray primed with XIM UMA bonding primer tinted close to the finish color. On this project we used an airless with a 210 tip. An HVLP or air assisted airless would work as well.
  • The two finish coats of PPG Breakthrough satin sheen to match the original color and sheen of the windows and doors.
  • The owner was ticked pink at the results…..we will be back in 20 years to do it again!

The basic handtools needed for painting a house

Basic House Painting Tools and Tool Organization for Painting

  • These are the basic hand tools needed to effectively prepare and paint a house
  • From carbide scrapers to sandpapers to application tools and their organization.
  • Having the correct tools organized and close at hand leads to efficiency and effectiveness in preparation of surfaces and applying paint
  • Keeping tools organized is critical. “A place for every tool and every tool in its place”

Rot Proof exterior wood with penetrating epoxy

How to rot-proof exterior wood

Using penetrationg epoxy to seal exterior wood permanently

  • Exterior wood doors and gates can be very expensive to replace
  • Pre-treating your wood with penetrating epoxy, can make a door/gate or any exterior wood to last a lifetime
  • This Smiths CPES Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer deeply penetrates the wood and then hardens in place so that water cannot get into the wood. Water in the presence of untreated wood always leads to fungal rot.There are other brands that can work well also such as West System, System Three and Advance Repair Technology
  • You can use this same approach to french doors, garage doors, gates or any wood that is exposed to moisture
  • Apply liberally so that epoxy soaks into the wood as much as it possible ….I call it coating till refusal. This means that the wood will be so impregnated that when the epoxy dries you have, in effect, a plasticized piece of wood that water cannot enter. If water cannot enter, you will never have rot
  • After epoxy is dry, if the surface is to be painted, then caulk all gaps and seams along with the bottom of the doors/gate with a polyurethane caulk, such as, Permathane or Vulkem. These polyurethanes caulks are extremely adhesive, elastic and will last for many years
  • A gate like this looks really sharp with a copper cap along the top edge; this adds additional rot proffing as the copper will keep any moisture for entwering all the seams between the wood components

No more, “I got a flat!”

With no tube, solid tires there will be one less excuse.

Tires cannot go flat anymore! (well really soon anyway)

No-flats, no more air compressors, no more spare tires, no more auto jacks, no more tools rattling in the trunk. Will it reduce the price of cars? Will it reduce the cost of roadside service? Will some businesses go out of business?

They have been testing these for several years now.

Resilient Tech was developing them for the military.


Amazing new tires…
Michelin Tires… Absolutely SCARY looking…
Look for ’em in August, 2017
These tires are made in South Carolina , USA .


Radical new tire design by Michelin.

The next generation of tires.

They had a pair at the Philadelphia car show.

La Jolla Concours de Elegance Car Show

La Jolla Concours Car Show Sunday April 9th

At our beautiful La Jolla Cove Park

Lots of really cool world class, museum grade cars on the grass with  classics lining Coast Boulevard

This is the major fundraiser for La Jolla Historical Society with a portion of the proceeds going to The Monarch School.

For tickets to the various events click here to buy  ……a great way to entertain special clients is at the elegant Friday Rolls Royce party at The Loft in La Jolla….or the big party at the Cove on Saturday night! Some of you might enjoy the Saturday Tour where we drive and tour to some cool private collections and end up at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club for lunch on the beach with a gorgeous view of La Jolla caves. Bring the whole family for a great time on Sunday morning at 9am….you will see cars that are world. If you have a business and would like to have a super special experience, did you know you can have your own super VIP hospitality tent and entertain those special friends and clients

Our 2016 touring group of 70 cars leaves Balboa Park

Our 2016 touring group of 70 cars leaves Balboa Park

If you would like to help click here to volunteer . we need help friday, saturday and especially sunday for the various events!

Thanks so much and hope to see you there! I appreciate your support

John Peek, Volunteer Coordinator


Rebuilding old wooden screens

Old wooden screens can be rebuilt and made better than new

Follow these steps and your screens will be sealed from damaging moisture and will last a very long time

    • Remove screen stops and old screening material
    • Remove brads or nails that held screening in place (you can leave old staples if you hammer them down flush).
    • Refasten frame so it is strong and square. I use a air powered 1 to 1 1/2 inch pin nailer to strengthen rail and stile portions of frame
    • If necessary you can reinforce frame with metal brackets available at you hardware store.
    • Scrape and sand surfaces. Use a vacuum sander to minimize any dust.
    • Prime all surfaces; even those surfaces that will be hidden. If inside of screen is to be a different color that the outside then use a clear primer on the hidden surfaces where color will transition.
    • Pre-prime and pre-paint all your new wood screen stops
    • Pre-prime and apply 1st coat of paint to frame.
    • Cut your new screening oversized a bit and use a air powered stapler to install new screen. Cut screening after fastening in place using a utility knife or one sided razor blade.
    • Install new stop using a air assisted pin nailer with very short pins. Adjust pressure so you don’t put pin all the way through the very thin stop…just so it is flush
    • Use an elastomeric caulk to fill seams and holes and wet wipe to make smooth
    • Apply two more coats of paint Be sure to paint tops, bottom and sides of wood frame to wood will not take on water and peel!
    • You have a very tight and durable screen!

Deck Refinishing

A deteriorated deck gets a refinish

A debacle of a deck had become desolate in its deterioration and decay.
Diligent and determined deletion of damage and discoloration produced a denouement both delectable and dainty.
The deficient deck is now delightful and the Dame of the domicile was demonstrably delighted!

Deck refinishing requires the proper tools

Debilitated Deck Demo

Debilitated Deck Demo

If the deck has previous coatings on it we will often use our heavy duty floor sander (you can rent one at a rental yard). These units can remove old finishes much quicker that water blasting, which can damage the wood

After sanding and replacing boards found to be rotted; a finish can be applied

If the deck was previously finished with a solid color stain (as in this case) or paint then you will probably have to go solid stain or paint again because color will remain in the crack between boards.

Power sanding a wood deck

Power sanding a wood deck

If the deck was finished with a semi-transparent…then after sanding; use a biodegradable stripper in the spaces between boards and then gently water blast so those spaces between boards are brought back to bare wood….then you can apply an oil based semi-transparent stain.

Who makes the best stain?

  • Oil based Semi-transparent or translucent stains are the best and easiest to maintain: Duckback; SuperDeck; TWP, Messmer’s or Sikkens products.
  • Acrylic semi-transparent: stay away from Home Depot (Behr) or Lowes….also avoid Ben Moore Arbor coat….all these will peel and look awful next time you recoat!
  • Acrylic solid body: if you have to go solid  Home Depot Behr solid deck stain is fine choice
  • If you can coat all sides of boards before installation the Sikkens Rubbol solid color oil is by far the best.11226044_1166004060079851_4598887139502296467_n-1

    Deck with solid acrylic stain

    Deck with solid acrylic stain