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What Questions Should I be Asking When I Meet with Each Potential Painting Contractor?

The way your home looks depicts a long story about the persons living in that home. Most homeowners wish to make their living place a “Dream Home” that creates a good impression in front of the neighbors. You can easily achieve this dream by giving your home a new paint job. Even more than that, a good paint job can improve the curb appeal of a home and increase its resale value once the home is put on the market.

For these all reasons, it is really important for a homeowner to choose an expert painter who will perform all the acceptable and masterful job of painting a home. One of the most important keys to find the right painting contractor in Spring Valley is to ask right questions when interviewing the potential contractors. Mentioned below is the list of questions a homeowner should ask when he/she meets a prospective painter.

Do You Have a List of Customers Who Will Be Ready To Verify The Quality of Your Work?

A painting contractor should have a good list of past customers who would be willing to verify the quality of their work. The painting contractors should also have a list of painting projects that he/she has completed recently. A good contractor should also let their customer speak with their past customers who have had firsthand experience working with that particular contractor.

How will My House Be Prepared for Painting?

This is an important question and the contractor should provide you with a detailed idea on how will they prepare the surface for painting. Ask them about how they are planning to repair the holes and bad spots and whether they would scrap or sand all surface to remove old paint.

What Type of Paint Will They Use?

Unless you request the painting contractor to use average quality paint to save a few dollars, you should always demand that premium quality paint is used in your painting project. Using cheaper quality paint will often cause many damages after only a short time.

How Much Will The Paint Job Cost?

This is the most important that you should ask the painting contractor before hiring them. You should not be fooled into believing that a low price is the first consideration when choosing a painting contractor. A low cost paint job does not always guarantee the best result. A good painting contractor should provide you with a fair and honest estimate for the paint job.

How to Protect Your Furniture While you’re Painting My Home?

Since your furniture is an exquisite piece of work that you are very proud of, you need to cover up the same during a painting project. When applying paint on your interior walls, it’s natural that some paints may drop on your how to paint outdoor furniturefurniture. After all, the best painter in the world can make a mistake. Therefore, a good and responsible painter should always cover the floors and furniture while painting your home.

Removing the Furniture:

If you are wondering about how to protect your furniture while painting your home in Encinitas, the best thing you can do is to hire the professional painters in Encinitas. Professional painters won’t stumble over your furniture and stretch to paint behind the sofa. A professional painter will remove furniture from the room before applying paint to make the job easier and protect running wood and upholstery with spilled or spattered paint.

In order to make sure your furniture remain in good condition to be brought back into your newly painted room at the end of the painting project, you can just remove them from the areas where they could be damaged by spilled or spattered paint. You can also rent a temporary storage container to store your furniture while you work. In case there is furniture that is too heavy to move, you can pull it to the center of the room you are painting, away from the walls to be painted, and cover it with a plastic sheet to protect it.

You can also use professional-style drop cloths throughout the room to protect the flooring as well. Although plastic sheets are cheaper, they can easily punctured and shift under your feet while you are applying paint on walls, exposing areas of flooring. By covering your floor and furniture with a heavy canvas drop cloth, you can also keep the paint from being tracked all over the furniture and floors if it accidentally gets on the soles.

How to Protect the Work Area Spotless?

While painting your home in Encinitas, the professional painter should take some general precautions to protect your furniture and floors. However, the work area will most likely be full of dust. The best painters will always try to keep the dust contained and minimized. The goal should be to leave the space as clean as it was in the first place. The most important thing is that your valuable furniture and other belongings should be covered and protected from any paint spatter. A good painter will cover everything so well that there will be less or no chance of paint spatter on your furniture.

Can I Stain My Cabinets A Different Color?

You can stain your cabinets a different color to give it a new and refreshing look. In fact it is easier to change the color than replacing the old cabinets. Going from dark wood to a lighter color can be strenuous. However, applying a dark color for your light wood cabinets is usually an easier process. But before staining your cabinets a different color, it is always important to know the construction of the cabinets and whether the cabinet finish is sealed. In casehow to refinish cabinets the cabinet finish has a sealer, you will first need to determine which type of sealer was used for the cabinet finish. Knowing these details will help you determine how to proceed with staining your cabinets.

Cabinet Construction:

Typically, most cabinets are made of either solid wood or light plywood. There are some cabinets that have thin layers of veneer so that the wood pattern becomes uniform. Sometimes, veneers are used to intimate some special woods that are more valuable. When it comes to stain your cabinets, it is important know the construction of it since plywood and veneer require special care. The method of staining cabinets also depends on the cabinet’s finish. In order to determine whether the finish is sealed, you can apply a drop of water to the surface. If the water soaks in, you can say that the wood is not sealed. Depending on the type of surface, you may need minor treatment before staining.

Stain Products:

You can use stains to darken the unsealed wood cabinets. The stain will darken the cabinets with a great polyurethane finish. In case, the cabinet is sealed with anything other than polyurethane finish, it will need to be stripped of the finish before staining. Also, you need to test the stain in an auspicious area before using stain on the cabinets. This ensures that you will get the actual color you want. Since the interior color and finish of the cabinet is quite different from the exterior surface of the cabinet, the interior of the cabinet may not be the best place to test the stain.

Surface Preparation:

You need to remove all doors and drawers from the cabinets before staining it a different color. You should also take off all the handles, pull knobs, hinges, and any other types of hardware from the cabinets. Under any circumstances, you should not sand the unsealed cabinets. If the cabinet has other types of finish, you will need to strip the finish to bare wood so that it accepts stain.

Is Painting Your Ceiling The Same As The Wall Color a Good Idea?

As a homeowner, you surely have been exposed to many color theories  and decorating “rules”. Yoiu may have even heard about painting a ceiling the same color as the walls in an interior room.  It can provide your matching ceiling paintroom with an elegant, cohesive look, and is one that’s relatively easy to achieve. In the picture shown with a coffer trimmed ceiling, it is a perfect choice to define an open space that otherwise would have too much white

In a simpler bedroom, with less trim, often it works well to have the ceiling painted in a flat that is the same color as the trim….but if you have crown molding, the ceiling looks very nice as a 25% formula of the wall color, so that the crown gets a touch of definition.

Whenever you are considering a paint job for your home interior, you have to take into account what the recent trends are, even if you’re not likely to follow them. There are no hard and fast rules for painting ceilings. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to take into consideration the ambient light in your room, the architecture and the furniture/flooring colors rather than blindly following any current design trend. Following are the most important considerations you have to keep in mind when thinking about painting a ceiling the same color as the walls in your bedroom.

Great for Small Sized Room:

I am often asked…can I make this vanity bath feel bigger? My answer is usually to laugh and say” take advantge of the small size to emphasize “cozy”. By painting walls and ceilings a medium to dark color, the vanity bath can take on a very exotic or cozy feel for your guests. It is a great room to be dramatic!

Not a Good Idea for Big and Spacious Rooms:

While painting the ceiling and walls the same may be a good idea for smaller rooms, this effect may not be the best in a good-sized room. In spacious open room, the idea of painting ceiling and walls the same color can flatten out the look of the room. Instead, you can use different colors for the ceiling and walls separately to add elegance to a spacious bedroom. If the ambient light is right, and the wall color is pastel to medium, it works well to use 25% formula of wall paint on the ceiling for a cohesive feel.

Fresh Look for Warwick’s Books and Stationers in La Jolla by Peek Brothers Painting

A cool updated look with new colors and stripes is part of the fresh upgrade :

  • Working with Nancy Warwick and her designers, we had a lot of fun bringing some Pizzazz to this beloved business on Girard Avenue in La Jolla
  • Getting the stripes just right was chore as the grout lines did not line up!
  • Each letter of the Warwick’s sign had to be removed and individually refinished with Fine Paints of Europe Bright Red before being reinstalled
  • This is commercial painting in La Jolla….where quality of the same high level as our La Jolla House painting is required….but with the added need to keep areas safe for all the customers coming and going

El Patio Building in La Jolla refinished with Dunn Edwards Evershield

The El Patio Building in La Jolla California needed a face lift! The owner watched us working for months on the restoration of St James by the Sea just down the street. Impressed with our level of preparation and attention to detail, he asked Peek Brothers Painting to attend to his building as well. Extensive wood repair was necessary and to protect from further wood rot, we installed drip flashing on all exposed beams and rafter tails. Finished with premium grade Dunn Edwards Evershield, the building has now been restored to its original beauty. Thanks to Dunn Edwards Representative Dan Harris and his team for helping with color and specifications. A special shout out to Jennifer, LeeAndra and Joe at the Kearney Mesa DE store for mixing 100’s of gallons of paint for us!