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Spring Home Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowners Should Know

This year many parts of Bonita as well as the surrounding regions have enjoyed such a mild winter that spring weather seems like it’s just around the corner. This is the time when you can take the advantages of the moderate home maintenance checklisttemperatures to give a start on what you call a yearly spring home maintenance tasks.

Exterior Inspection:

The exterior of your house is the most important part that needs special attention, especially after the winter season. Winter can take its toll on different parts of your house exterior including windows, walls, foundations, gutters, and decks. Check your roof to spot any trouble like shingle-shift, cracked or missing shingles, nail-pops and others. All these issues should be addressed to keep your roof at its highest level.

Exterior Walls:

No matter whether you have a wood siding, stucco or brick, you should give a close look to your house exterior walls to look for trouble spots. For example, the areas under the graves and near gutter downspouts. If you find water stains, it normally indicates that your channels are not sufficiently containing roof runoff. In case your exterior walls have wood siding, you can check for openings as well as other damaged areas that have popped out and it makes way for the carpenter ants, and other types of insects that may nest in or burrow through.

Spring Clean Your Windows:

You need to spring clean your windows from inside and outside by using any mild detergent or a homemade window cleaner. Rub the surface with a soft cloth. Under any circumstances, you should not use abrasive cleaners or a high-pressure washer since power-wash can damage the mesh on the screens. If there were screen on the windows during the winter, you should clean them with a solution of soap and water. Once done, lay them on a dry surface and air-dry the same before putting them back on.

Masonry Chimneys:

If you have masonry chimneys in your house exterior, you should check the joints between brick or stones. Check whether there is any vegetation growing out of them since it signals water infiltration. Sometimes, you can find white calcium like deposit that actually points out that your masonry joints are no longer preventing water but absorbing it. In this case, you can consider re-sealing the masonry with a high quality, water-resistant barrier material.

For any kinds of home maintenance or information on spring home care, consider hiring professional agencies that offer home maintenance in Bonita.

How to Refinish Garage and Entry Doors Like a Pro?

Nothing can be more interesting than a front door that resembles a nicely finished piece of furniture. Over the past few years, it has become really popular on good homes to install solid wood entry doors in different exotic species. One of the most common downsides to exposing a wooden entry door finish to exterior elements is that it requires

refinish garage and entry doors

refinish garage and entry doors

regular maintenance.

Literally, entry doors take a lot of abuses from the external elements. If your entry door and garage doorsare looking a bit shabby, it’s probably the time to refinish it and replacing the hardware.

Mentioned below are the points that you need to follow when refinishing an entry door and garage doors.

Remove The Hinge Pins:

You need to remove the hinge pins from the door by placing a flat screwdriver right under the lip at the top of each pin. You can even use a hammer to tap the bottom of the screwdriver handle. This will help the pin to rise up out of the hinge. You need to follow the same process for all hinge pins from all entry and garage doors.

Remove The Doors:

Once you have removed all the hinges from the doors, you need to remove the door from the hinges. If the hinges are removed properly, it should easily slide out from the doorframe since the hinge pins are no longer holding the door in place.

Scrape Out All Loose Varnish:

You need to remove all loose, blistered, and peeling varnish with a paint scraper.It is also important to sand all the surfaces of the entry or garage doors using an electric sander with coarse sandpaper. This will help you to remove the old varnish and stain. In order to get the best surface, you can change the sandpaper in the sander to a coarser sand paper and sand the flat surfaces of the door again. The fine grit sand paper will leave a smooth surface on the door. You also need to hand-sand the door moldings by using a swift back-and-forth motion with at least three sandpaper grits following the same steps that you followed earlier. When you are done, you need to use a tacky cloth to remove all dust from the door’s surface.

Apply Clear Wood Varnish:

You need to apply a clear wood varnish to the entry or garage doors by using a paint brush. However, don’t forget to apply a clear wood preservative with a paint brush.

How to Refinish Your Deck and Teak Wood Furniture?

A beautifully refinished wood deck not only improves the look of your deck but it also protects and extends the life of the wood. Furthermore, refinishing your deck may also improve the resale value of your home and allow it to sell quicker. Similarly, you can improve the longevity of your teak wood furniture by refinishing it at times. The following instructions can be used for refinishing your wood deck and teak furniture. One thing to remember, you should work

refinishing decks and teak furniture

refinishing decks and teak furniture

in a well-ventilated area since many toxic materials are involved in the refinishing process.

Cleaning the Surface:

Like many other refinishing project, the success of refinishing your deck and teak furniture depends on good preparation. You need to thoroughly clean and strip the wood beforehand. In order to clean teakwood furniture, you may use a teakwood cleaner with a brush and sprayer directly on the surface. This will help you to scrub away all stains, dirt, and grease with a stiff nylon brush.

There are many ways to clean your wooden deck – for example: scrubbing, stripping, and pressure washing. You can scrub the deck surface by hand with a good quality broom. Scrubbing can be more adequate if you use a TSP or any of the popular commercial cleaners available in the market.

Sand and Protect the Wood:

It is also important to sand the teakwood to remove the gray-colored surface grain. The best way is to use a coarse sand paper as well as a foam sanding. For large areas, you need to use a handheld sander in order to lower down the labor required to remove the faded wood.
In order to reduce chemical damage, you need to wet all nearby foliage just before using deck cleaner or strippers. When you are done with cleaning the deck, you can spray the plants again to wash off any chemical residue.

Applying the Finish on Deck and Teakwood:

Before you apply the finish on your deck or teakwood, you need to allow enough time for the surface to dry. For guidance, you can go through the product label and instructions. It is also important to reset popped nail-heads and replace all warped as well as split-boards. You should also apply teak oil or teak sealer to the dry and clean teakwood furniture.

Both these products penetrate the wooden surface and will provide the furniture with added protection. There are many different finishes available in the market including clear, tinted, semi-transparent, and solid colors. You need to choose the right finish according to your personal preference.