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Metal Effects Copper Patina Paint from Modern Masters

Copper patina paint on a charitable “Mr. Ed”

  • Using a Graco HVLP sprayer, Metal Effects Paint from Modern Masters can be applied more evenly than brush and rolling
  • After applying the second coat by HVLP spary, the Acid Patina Solution from Modern Masters is applied with a hand skirt bottle to spritz the wet copper paint
  • The acid reacts with the copper and gives a beautiful patina
  • Since this project will be kept outside, I put a clear coat from Modern Masters over the copper patina to protect it longer from the elements
  • Remember “Ajax shakes out white and turns blue!” from the old TV ads? Well thats how this horse of a different color got his name!
  • This project was to raise mony for charity and now Mr. Ed AKA: “Cuprious” is gracing the front yard of a donor in Rancho Santa Fe no doubt!

Another Unique Client Request for Christmas

Every so often a client will have something unique that needs coating.
Here is the story of this unique paint job:
Our client’s father made these Christmas lawn decorations back in the 1950’s. Over the years, due to weathering, the colors have started to de-laminate from the Masonite backing. The client wanted to preserve these precious family mementos and send them back east to the next generation.

1950 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

1950 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Handmade from 1950 Handmade from 1950
We were asked not to touch up any color but to seal everything so that no more de-lamination would occur. After 4 coats of clear with a little extra on the damaged areas….they are ready for their Christmas trip back to the east coast.

Unique Paint Jobs

Once in a while we are asked by our wonderful clients, to refinish some pretty unique items. It is a real honor to be their trusted painter and we love to figure out ways to please them. Sometimes it takes some creative thinking so we can say, “yes of course, we can do that for you!”
Here is the story of this unique paint job:
For years the grandkids would run in the door and jump on “Wolfie” a little wicker animal that the owner had picked up with her late husband while traveling in Mexico. Well the grandkids have grown up and old Wolfie was looking a bit worn as his original varnished finish was gone.

Wolfie The Wonder Dog!

Wolfie The Wonder Dog!

The precious memory of those visits from the grandkids were as fresh as ever and it was time to fix up old Wolfie to match the memories. After some thought we decided to use wood bleach to even out the discoloration on his “coat”; we then applied 3 coats of Sikkens Cetol Marine, an amber tinted marine finish, that will keep Wolfies coat shiny and bright for the next generation!