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Cleaning a Paint Brush


Rebuilding old wooden screens

Old wooden screens can be rebuilt and made better than new

Follow these steps and your screens will be sealed from damaging moisture and will last a very long time

    • Remove screen stops and old screening material
    • Remove brads or nails that held screening in place (you can leave old staples if you hammer them down flush).
    • Refasten frame so it is strong and square. I use a air powered 1 to 1 1/2 inch pin nailer to strengthen rail and stile portions of frame
    • If necessary you can reinforce frame with metal brackets available at you hardware store.
    • Scrape and sand surfaces. Use a vacuum sander to minimize any dust.
    • Prime all surfaces; even those surfaces that will be hidden. If inside of screen is to be a different color that the outside then use a clear primer on the hidden surfaces where color will transition.
    • Pre-prime and pre-paint all your new wood screen stops
    • Pre-prime and apply 1st coat of paint to frame.
    • Cut your new screening oversized a bit and use a air powered stapler to install new screen. Cut screening after fastening in place using a utility knife or one sided razor blade.
    • Install new stop using a air assisted pin nailer with very short pins. Adjust pressure so you don’t put pin all the way through the very thin stop…just so it is flush
    • Use an elastomeric caulk to fill seams and holes and wet wipe to make smooth
    • Apply two more coats of paint Be sure to paint tops, bottom and sides of wood frame to wood will not take on water and peel!
    • You have a very tight and durable screen!

How to Prep My Exterior for the Painting Contractors?

Preparing the surface for exterior painting is the most important task. A clean surface is always important for good paint job. To create a more stunning exterior space, preparation is the most important key. Generally, paint on the exterior of a home can build up chalk to deposits. However, you can easily eliminate the chalk deposits by power washing the exterior of your house. For the general rule, if the surface is not properly clean, they are not ready to be painted. In case the exterior of your home consists of stained siding, pressure washing can still be the perfect option.

Smooth the Surfaces to Be Painted:

In order to take the unsightly old paint off the exterior surface, you need to scrape and sand it. These methods generally balance each other, if nothing is enough to eliminate everything that needs to go. Either way, you need to make sure that all exterior surfaces you plan to paint are smooth and free from all cracks.

Putty and Caulking:

The task of preparing the exterior of your home for painting should also include utilizing putty and other products to seal any nail head depressions, cracks, and any other imperfections of the surfaces. You need to scrape away all old caulk and apply new caulk and prime.

Remove Dust, Dirt, and Mildew:

It is also important to get rid of all dust, dirt, and mildew from the exterior surfaces. To do this, you can use a piece of cloth or a soft brush and clean off any dust and dirt from the exterior surfaces that need to be painted. It is important to get rid of the chalk residue with a brush or water. This will also help to remove the mildew from the exterior surfaces.

Prime the Problematic Areas:

Once the cracks and holes are repaired and the surface is properly prepped you need to properly prime those areas. It is also important to apply primer on any exposed areas where paint has peeled or blistered. Furthermore, it is important allow the primed surface to dry thoroughly.

If you are thinking to hire the professional exterior painting contractors in Poway, exterior surface preparation should be a part of the entire exterior paint project plan. There are many painting contractors that can fix the damaged surface areas. This will save you from the trouble of searching and hiring a second company to do the job.