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The basic handtools needed for painting a house

Basic House Painting Tools and Tool Organization for Painting

  • These are the basic hand tools needed to effectively prepare and paint a house
  • From carbide scrapers to sandpapers to application tools and their organization.
  • Having the correct tools organized and close at hand leads to efficiency and effectiveness in preparation of surfaces and applying paint
  • Keeping tools organized is critical. “A place for every tool and every tool in its place”

Metal Caps on Wood Stops Rot

When installed on exposed beams, these protective metal caps really keep a paint job looking sharp for years:

  • Custom fit to look sharp and shed water while protecting against wood rot and termite damage, these caps are painted to match the beam
  • Installed with polyurethane caulk, so that water cannot enter through seams
  • Clients appreciate this attention to detail that makes for a much longer lasting paint job
  • Whenever we see exposed beams like this we always recommend installing these attractive caps

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