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Peeling Paint and How to prevent it

This poor client had hired a “professional” property management company to maintain this home in a high rent area. To maximize “profit” they hired a low cost/low quality painter. With no preparation, the painter applied his finish directly over unprepared enamel and the result is sheets of peeling paint!

Preparation of enamel surfaces is critical for proper adhesion of topcoats


• This cabinet had a beautiful oil enamel finish that was too dark for the fashion of today.
• The low cost painter applied his paint directly over the unprepared surfaces with the results looking very nice!
• It was not long before the truth came out and the paint with the slightest bump or scratch, would come off in sheets…so much for the low cost paint job!
Proper steps for a good paint job

Proper steps for a good enamel paint job

  1. Clean the surface very well. This is important, otherwise, if you sand first, you will force the surface contaminants into the small scratches caused by sanding and the trapped contaminants which are usually hand oils, will not allow for proper adhesion.
  2. Sand well using a fine sanding block. A good trick is to use a spray bottle full of warm water and a little dish soap to lubricate the cutting action of your sanding block….this is really very efficient and keeps dust down.
  3. Wipe down the surface by spraying with your spray bottle (see above) and wipe dry
  4. If you need two coats to cover then make your first coat a bonding primer; it can be tinted to your finish color.
  5. Sand again if necessary to get the smoothness you desire
  6. Apply the finish coats….this will stick because you prepped properly!

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Refinishing Entry Doors

Entry doors can get damaged by the sun. Proper preparation and refinishing will keep this door beautiful for years

Wood doors need to be maintained. If exposed to heavy sun and water, these doors need periodic maintenance
To refinish:

  1. If badly failing; remove all finish by stripping and sanding
  2. Stain wood to even color with Cetol 1 or Sansin
  3. Apply two to three coats of tinted Cetol23 Plus or Sansin
  4. Maintain every two years with a refresher coat and door will be beautiful for years

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