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Cleaning a Paint Brush


Wondering How to Recycle Paint?

If you have old paint piled up in your garage check out my video on how to properly get rid of it. You may be surprised at what you can recycle and what you cannot.


How to Patch Exterior Stucco?

Stucco is a creative design element for the exterior of many homes in Southern California. Stucco is a long lasting siding material, and it offers protection and durability. Stucco is similar to cement and it is made of sandaggregate, a a cement binding agent, and water. Stucco is applied in a wet condition, and it Patch Exterior Stuccobecomes very hard as it dries by the process of hydration. If installed properly and allowed to hydrate properly (not allowed to dry too quickly)  stucco can look great on your home.

Due to water infiltration, foundation settlement, wood framing shrinkage, earthquake or improper curing, stucco can crack and spall thus losing some of its aesthetic appeal and protection of the underlying building wrap.  It is possible to fix the aesthetic problem with proper patching. Following is a brief instruction how to patch your exterior stucco.

Take a Look of the Crack:

If the crack is just a hairline (see caulking below). If it is larger then: using a strong putty knife; open the crack into a V shape. This gets rid of any loose material on the edges and provides a “key'” for the patch material to bond.

Patch the Small Cracks First:

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