Best Ways To Speed Up The Process Of Painting Your Home In San Diego, CA

Although it is not recommended to try to make it a quick job done, some people in San Diego, CA just don’t have enough time to paint their home. 

Hiring painters in San Diego from Peek Brothers Painting can make this job get done a lot quicker, but if you’re trying to save both time and money to paint on your own, there are definitely some ways to minimize the time that won’t be too detrimental to the outcome. While painting a house can take a couple days from hiring San Diego painters to do the job for you, painting on your own can take a week or longer depending on how many people are painting. Some methods to minimize the time it takes to paint a house include:

  • Take less time prepping

  • Minimize painter’s tape

  • Use cheap materials

  • Only prime certain areas

  • Use a darker color

  • Maximize roller usage

With all of these factors in mind, a house can get painted much more quickly. Although it is not recommended to do a lot of these things if you have a choice, it can help you save a lot of time if time is something you are lacking.

Take Less Time Prepping

Minimize the amount of time that it takes for you to clean the outside of your home before you start painting. Painters in San Diego would explain how this is an important part of the process as cleaning will make the outcome of the paint job look a lot better, but if you are looking to save time and spend the most time painting, then this is an option.

Minimize Painter’s Tape

Putting up painter’s tape in every single spot that it is recommended to use it in can often take a decent amount of time. It can also be a very tedious job to have to do as it can take a lot of time with the amount of precious required to apply the tape. Being a little bit more careful than usual on painting these parts rather than putting the painter’s tape up can save you a reasonable amount of time.

Use Cheap Materials

Peek Brothers Painting, along with most professional San Diego painters, would never do this, but if you are looking to save some extra time, using cheap materials is an option. Cheap brushes, rollers, roller trays, and any other equipment that you may need to wash after using can save you time because you can throw everything away when you are done using it rather than washing it all if it were to cost more.


Only Prime Certain Areas

Priming only troubled areas where stains may be located is an option. Every square inch of a house does not necessarily need to be primed if it is in good condition.

Use A Darker Color

Using a darker color on your home can save you a lot of time and is an option that has the least number of negative outcomes. If you were to paint with a lighter color over a darker color, the darker color will typically bleed through, requiring you to add extra coats of paint. This will save you and painters in San Diego from needing to add extra coats as the lighter colors will not usually show through.

Maximize Roller Usage

If you maximize the amount of time you spend using a roller, that will lower the amount of time you spend with a paint brush. A paint brush can be a very slow tool to use, while a roller will certainly speed up the process.