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Top 7 Interior Home Painting Colors for 2019 and Beyond

The type of colors and style that you choose for your walls speak volumes about you. Your home is where you go back to after a long day of work or whatever you do every day. This is where your family gathers to rest, relax and bond and can be boosted by beautifully painted walls that remain in step with the current trends while being elegant and classic.

Choosing your interior color can be as overwhelming as it’s exciting for most homeowners. To make your color choosing process a bit less intimidating, we thought we should share the top 7 colors that will be trending in 2019 and beyond for your inspiration. Have a look;

1. Mist
Basically a non-color, mist is one of the most convenient colors for any room and perhaps its simplicity is what makes it more sought after by many homeowners. It has been among the trendiest painting colors for a long time. This color gives you the option of blending many different colors to achieve the result that you wish while hiding all the blemishes effortlessly. A non-color can be achieved by blending pastel blue and green with a little gray and lilac undertone.

2. Hazelnut
If you have a dark room that needs to catch more light, then hazelnut can be a wise choice. This color has the ability to capture more light which will make the room appear to be bigger and brighter than it actually is. Hazelnut is not about to go out of trend anytime soon, it is classic and elegant, and will transform your room into a stylish space without putting in so much effort.

3. Lilac Grey
Lilac grey is the new favorite in town, and it looks like it is climbing to the top and there is nothing to stop this amazing color. Well, it is a beautiful color, modern and classic –it transforms your room in a big way, giving it that sparkle.
Break away from the norm that is dove grey and settle for this color and see the major transformation in your living space, it’s a choice you will definitely not regret. It’s also a gender-neutral color that can be painted in any room and still bring out the best in it without compromising the decor and furnishings.

4. Dark Greens
Dark greens trended in the 90s but not for long, they dipped and recently they seem to be making their way back and this time around, in a big way. Also known as the night watch, the hue brings about the feeling of a botanical lush and nature’s healing powers to achieve the maximum effect, pain rooms that are big and well-lit with this hue, the result is simply breathtaking. If you want to transform your house, then this is your color, a timeless color that will never go out of fashion.

5. New Blues
Blue is one of the most versatile colors in the market today. There is a wide range of shades and hues to choose from and whichever one you settle for, you will never go wrong. Blue is royalty, and with its many shades and hues, you can create a magnificent wall by coordinating the right shades. This will give the room sophistication, class, and elegance.

6. Mustard
This is the alternative for homeowners looking for a twist of pop for their homes. Mustard makes a perfect alternative to gold color –it will brighten your walls and bring out the best of your decor and furnishings. This is a great color if you’re looking for class, elegance, and style. This is a paint color that has been trending and does not seem to be slowing down, we expect this to be one of the most painted colors in 2019 moving on.

7. Mushroom
In the 1970s, this color dominated the most elegant homes, and it was considered to be for the high class. With time, it was overtaken by other colors but now, the mushroom color has found its way back to the most trending colors of 2019. Besides making your house look elegant with class, it works well with almost any furnishings and decor. It’s also a gender-neutral color and can be painted in any room including the kitchen.

Bottom Line
We hope the above inspirations were of help in your effort to pick trendy colors for your interior painting project. If you need any professional assistance painting the interior or exterior of your home, contact us today and let’s have a chat about transforming your living space.