Is Painting Your Ceiling The Same As The Wall Color a Good Idea?

As a homeowner, you surely have been exposed to many color theories  and decorating “rules”. Yoiu may have even heard about painting a ceiling the same color as the walls in an interior room.  It can provide your matching ceiling paintroom with an elegant, cohesive look, and is one that’s relatively easy to achieve. In the picture shown with a coffer trimmed ceiling, it is a perfect choice to define an open space that otherwise would have too much white

In a simpler bedroom, with less trim, often it works well to have the ceiling painted in a flat that is the same color as the trim….but if you have crown molding, the ceiling looks very nice as a 25% formula of the wall color, so that the crown gets a touch of definition.

Whenever you are considering a paint job for your home interior, you have to take into account what the recent trends are, even if you’re not likely to follow them. There are no hard and fast rules for painting ceilings. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to take into consideration the ambient light in your room, the architecture and the furniture/flooring colors rather than blindly following any current design trend. Following are the most important considerations you have to keep in mind when thinking about painting a ceiling the same color as the walls in your bedroom.

Great for Small Sized Room:

I am often asked…can I make this vanity bath feel bigger? My answer is usually to laugh and say” take advantge of the small size to emphasize “cozy”. By painting walls and ceilings a medium to dark color, the vanity bath can take on a very exotic or cozy feel for your guests. It is a great room to be dramatic!

Not a Good Idea for Big and Spacious Rooms:

While painting the ceiling and walls the same may be a good idea for smaller rooms, this effect may not be the best in a good-sized room. In spacious open room, the idea of painting ceiling and walls the same color can flatten out the look of the room. Instead, you can use different colors for the ceiling and walls separately to add elegance to a spacious bedroom. If the ambient light is right, and the wall color is pastel to medium, it works well to use 25% formula of wall paint on the ceiling for a cohesive feel.