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Refinishing metal clad windows and doors

Metal clad windows and doors can be refinished to look like new

  • Metal windows and doors can become chalked, faded and pitted with oxidization
  • Often the finish can be buffed out and waxed
  • But often they have gone too far and we need to refinish with a bullet proof coating system
  • We protect the glass, clean the metal cladding free of contaminants and then sand to a sound condition
  • Using marine filler, we fill in any voids or damage caused by oxidization and then sand smooth
  • The surface is spray primed with XIM UMA bonding primer tinted close to the finish color. On this project we used an airless with a 210 tip. An HVLP or air assisted airless would work as well.
  • The two finish coats of PPG Breakthrough satin sheen to match the original color and sheen of the windows and doors.
  • The owner was ticked pink at the results…..we will be back in 20 years to do it again!