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What Questions Should I be Asking When I Meet with Each Potential Painting Contractor?

The way your home looks depicts a long story about the persons living in that home. Most homeowners wish to make their living place a “Dream Home” that creates a good impression in front of the neighbors. You can easily achieve this dream by giving your home a new paint job. Even more than that, a good paint job can improve the curb appeal of a home and increase its resale value once the home is put on the market.

For these all reasons, it is really important for a homeowner to choose an expert painter who will perform all the acceptable and masterful job of painting a home. One of the most important keys to find the right painting contractor in Spring Valley is to ask right questions when interviewing the potential contractors. Mentioned below is the list of questions a homeowner should ask when he/she meets a prospective painter.

Do You Have a List of Customers Who Will Be Ready To Verify The Quality of Your Work?

A painting contractor should have a good list of past customers who would be willing to verify the quality of their work. The painting contractors should also have a list of painting projects that he/she has completed recently. A good contractor should also let their customer speak with their past customers who have had firsthand experience working with that particular contractor.

How will My House Be Prepared for Painting?

This is an important question and the contractor should provide you with a detailed idea on how will they prepare the surface for painting. Ask them about how they are planning to repair the holes and bad spots and whether they would scrap or sand all surface to remove old paint.

What Type of Paint Will They Use?

Unless you request the painting contractor to use average quality paint to save a few dollars, you should always demand that premium quality paint is used in your painting project. Using cheaper quality paint will often cause many damages after only a short time.

How Much Will The Paint Job Cost?

This is the most important that you should ask the painting contractor before hiring them. You should not be fooled into believing that a low price is the first consideration when choosing a painting contractor. A low cost paint job does not always guarantee the best result. A good painting contractor should provide you with a fair and honest estimate for the paint job.

What is Making My Paint Fade?

Painting the interior and exterior walls of a home is perhaps the most affordable and simplest home improvement tasks that most house owners can do themselves. But the worst part of any painting job is to look at your walls to find out the worn out and faded paint in a matter of months.

There are many reasons why paints start to fade. Being aware of what causes paint color fading is the first and most important step of making wall paint last longer. Mentioned below are the most common reasons why paint fades and what steps you need to take to prevent it.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Paint:

Weather condition affects the brilliance and vibrancy of wall paint. You can prevent your paint from fading by choosing the best type of paint for a surface. Apart from the different variations of indoor and outdoor paint, wall paints may also differ in terms of finish. There are many different types of paint, including glossy, semi-glossy, matte and others. You can use any of them depending on the effect that needs to be achieved. Consider the area that needs to be painted. For instance, if you use matte finish for the bathroom walls, it can start to fade out as it receives the most of moisture and humidity in day in and day out.

Improper Preparation of Surface:

Paint can also start to fade because of the lack of prep work. Preparing the surface before applying the paint actually helps prolong color vibrancy. You can also create a lasting effect on color by allowing paint to dry prior to second application. Proper surface preparation also helps prevent cracking and bubbling and ensures the best quality and durability of painted surfaces. To get the best surface preparation before painting, hire the professional painting contractors in Spring Valley.

Not Considering the Sunlight:

Sunlight is another important cause of fading. It is imperative to take sunlight into consideration prior to apply paint on the surfaces. You need to find out the amount of sunlight a particular room gets and how the color will fade and change over time.

It is very much important to understand the reasons why paint color begins to fade. By taking precautions and avoiding the situations you can prevent your paint color fading. Prior to apply painting, you need to take some time in researching about which paint type to choose and how the paint will look in years to come so that you can have the best results.

How to Prep Your Kitchen Walls for Repainting?

Kitchen painting is often considered the most difficult among the other paint projects. This is because kitchens are unlike other rooms in your home since they are exposed to food, smoke, grease, dirt, and mildew. Therefore, it is how to paint a kitchenimportant to keep some extra things in mind to ensure your paint job will stand out in the crowd.

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow while preparing your kitchen walls for repainting.

Clean Kitchen Walls:

The first thing you need to do is to clean your kitchen walls properly to make sure there are no grease, mildew, and dirt. Over time, kitchen walls develop a good layer of grease from everyday cooking, especially in smaller kitchens. You can take a scrubby sponge and clean the walls with some mild detergent. This will remove any grease and ensure that the paint will be able to adhere to the drywall.

Sand the Walls:

The next step is to sand the walls. Once the cleaning is complete and walls are properly dry, take coarse sandpaper and properly the surface. This will remove any bumps or other imperfections that your kitchen walls may have developed over the years. Also, check whether there are any holes or divots on the wall. If there are any holes, spackle them with spackling paste. Spackling paste is used by many professional painters in Solana Beach since it does not need a prime coat and it sands easily. Once the spackle paste is dry, you need to sand the place with 220 grit sand paper. It is important to sand the surfaces in a circular motion in order to get a smooth finish.

Get the Kitchen Ready for Painting:

Once sanding is complete, you need to get the space ready for painting. Wipe down all walls with a wet cloth and vacuum all of the dust to prep for paint. Lay down plastic on all cabinets, appliances, furniture, and floor.

Choose the Best Paint:

When it comes to choose the paint, you need to consider your kitchen layout and floor plan. If you have an open floor plan and a big kitchen, the best is to use flat finish on the ceiling, eggshell or satin finish for the walls and semi-gloss finish for the trims. On the other hand, use eggshell or satin finish for the ceiling if you have a smaller kitchen. This is a standard rule for all types of kitchens and will likely be consistent with the rest of the house.

Top 4 Steps to Follow When Painting Interior Walls

Painting interior walls is, by far, the easiest way to freshen the look of your home. Here are some great tips to getting your painting project done more efficiently. Painting Interior Walls

#1Step: Start from the Top Corner:

It is the best  to start from the top corner of your home interior. Brush in at the ceiling (called cutting in)  a three-to-four inch wide area around the perimeter. I prefer a 3 1/2″ angled brush with Chinex bristles. The brush is worth the $25 cost as it will easily give you a sharp clean line. Brush it out so you have a soft edge where you transition to the unpainted area. In the old days you would roll the walls immediately, while the just completed brush work is was still wet BUT, with today’s paints it is better to let the brushed areas dry and then roll….otherwise the brushed (cut in) areas will show in what we painters call “Picture Framing”

#2Step: Never Forget to Prepare the Surface:

Virtually all  paint failures are due to improper surface preparation. The fact is that if you want a successful paint job, it has to start with properly preparing the surface area your need to paint.  Cleaning, masking, repairing and priming as needed will insure that the topcoats look beautiful.   Filling large holes in drywall     Trim Prep      Peeling paint


#3Step: Priming the Surface:

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Best Bathroom Colors

A Dramatic Look for a Small Bath

Bold Color for Small Bath

For Small Vanity Baths:

The trend is towards bold deep colors for the walls to make the space dramatic. Accents of compatible complimentary colors can be used for bath towels or a striking art piece. A vanity bath is a super fun place to use metallic and specialty finishes.

Bright happy colors for Children's Bath

Fun and bright colors for a child’s bath

For Children’s Baths:

I have always enjoyed fun bright colors with a theme. Turquoise walls with white cabinets and yellow towels along with undersea stickers of fish and maybe even Spongebob Squarepants.

Warm tones help with make up

Warm Tones for Master Bath

For Adult Bathrooms:

Warm tones and lighting are important for makeup and getting ready to go out.