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Will You Fill in the Nail Holes in Your Drywall When you Paint the Interior of Your Home?

Homeowners often find a nail hole in drywall when applying paint on the interior surface of their home. Filling nail holes in your drywall is the most important thing a homeowner should complete prior to applying a new coat of paintpreparing walls for painting to the interior surface. Fixing nail holes prior to paint the interior of your house ensures the paint job lasts longer.

With mainstream building materials and the changing scenario in the field of paint products, homeowners often face challenges in filling nail holes. However, knowing what nail holes filler to use can help you win half of the battle.

Is It Necessary To Fill Nail Holes Before Painting the Wall?

No wall is perfect and when you are trying to increase the curb appeal of your home by applying a fresh coat of paint, it will look a whole lot better if you apply the paint on a smooth wall surface. This is the reason why you need to fix all the flaws of the wall first since the day one. Flaws like nail holes start appearing months or years later as your house grows older. Nail holes on the wall are a serious headache. Fortunately, today there are plenty of options to fix all these problems.

How to Fix Small Nail Holes?

Small holes that appear from photo frames or picture hangers are very easy to fill. You just need to gently tap on the wall with the handle of the putty knife. This ensures to drive any standing drywall which is facing below the surface and will help to create a tiny hole. Once done, fill it with good quality wall filler.

Nail holes are generally caused due to the fasteners that are used through the drywall paper at the time of installation. In order to fix these problems, you can drive in a drywall screw near the nail hole in such a way so that the head of the screw penetrates just below but not through the drywall paper. Then remove the old screw by using a gun tip through the middle of the nail pop. Once done, fill the old nail hole with good wall filler. In order to properly fill the nail holes, you can even apply two coats of drywall compound and sand the area lightly. Don’t forget to prime the repaired area before applying paint. Priming ensures that the paint adheres well to the surface.

If you face any difficulties in filling nail holes, you can consult with professionals who deal in House Paint Interior in Winter Gardens.

Can I Stain My Cabinets A Different Color?

You can stain your cabinets a different color to give it a new and refreshing look. In fact it is easier to change the color than replacing the old cabinets. Going from dark wood to a lighter color can be strenuous. However, applying a dark color for your light wood cabinets is usually an easier process. But before staining your cabinets a different color, it is always important to know the construction of the cabinets and whether the cabinet finish is sealed. In casehow to refinish cabinets the cabinet finish has a sealer, you will first need to determine which type of sealer was used for the cabinet finish. Knowing these details will help you determine how to proceed with staining your cabinets.

Cabinet Construction:

Typically, most cabinets are made of either solid wood or light plywood. There are some cabinets that have thin layers of veneer so that the wood pattern becomes uniform. Sometimes, veneers are used to intimate some special woods that are more valuable. When it comes to stain your cabinets, it is important know the construction of it since plywood and veneer require special care. The method of staining cabinets also depends on the cabinet’s finish. In order to determine whether the finish is sealed, you can apply a drop of water to the surface. If the water soaks in, you can say that the wood is not sealed. Depending on the type of surface, you may need minor treatment before staining.

Stain Products:

You can use stains to darken the unsealed wood cabinets. The stain will darken the cabinets with a great polyurethane finish. In case, the cabinet is sealed with anything other than polyurethane finish, it will need to be stripped of the finish before staining. Also, you need to test the stain in an auspicious area before using stain on the cabinets. This ensures that you will get the actual color you want. Since the interior color and finish of the cabinet is quite different from the exterior surface of the cabinet, the interior of the cabinet may not be the best place to test the stain.

Surface Preparation:

You need to remove all doors and drawers from the cabinets before staining it a different color. You should also take off all the handles, pull knobs, hinges, and any other types of hardware from the cabinets. Under any circumstances, you should not sand the unsealed cabinets. If the cabinet has other types of finish, you will need to strip the finish to bare wood so that it accepts stain.

Choosing a Contractor You Can Trust

People often wonder, ” How do I choose the right contractor?”

The question behind this is really, “How can I find an expert who will be fair, honest….someone who I can trust to give me good value for the dollar and who will be around and willing to back up their work”

This the age-old conundrum for all of us who are purchasing services….A homeowner is committing  to a contract prior to seeing the results…this is a  scary proposition!

“It would be such a joy to get the house painted but who can I trust….how can I find the right company?”

Here is a “must have” checklist that will help you in choosing the right contractor:

  • Licensed by the state of California : check them on
  • Have general liability and workers compensation insurances to protect the homeowner.
  • Contractor must use own employees who are trained and uniformed (no day labor from the home center)
  • Employees must have had drug screening and a full background investigation upon hire (you do not want drug users of criminals around your home and family.
  • Is the quote you receive legible (preferably typed), thorough and detailed (never verbal) and indicates methods of prep, specific  finish materials by brand and specific product within that brand (all brands have low grade to premium grade paint).
  • Your quote should include several references in your area. preferably of clients who have used the contractor more than once.
  • Written warranty should be supplied whether inside or outside work is done. This shows that the contractor feels good about their craftsmanship.
  • Check websites but be careful…many contractors pay for fancy websites full of purchased “stock photos” of work they have not done and are incapable of doing! Look for authentic pictures of local projects you recognize and can ask the contractor directly about.
  • Hire a painter who is a member of a professional organizations: BBB (A+ rated only!),  Painting and Decorating Contractors of America ( define minimum standards for their members, as well as provide continuing education about the latest in products, trends, and techniques.
  • Check with suppliers as to reputation of contractors you may be interested in.
  • Look for a track record in the community: how many years in continuous business (32 years for us); charitable projects. Community involvement means you are dealing with good people

Once you have vetted potential contractors for your project using this list, you can relax and know you are hiring a quality person and company who will take care of you.


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