How To Choose The Best Exterior Paint Palette For Your House In San Diego, CA

Choosing the right colors for your home in San Diego, CA can always be a tricky task. People often get stuck choosing between certain colors, or choosing any colors at all. Often times, people will not know which colors should even go together at all. In some cases, it may be best to ask for help or suggestions from the painting company, like Peek Brothers Painting in San Diego, for help in choosing the best color palette for your home. Although we may have an idea of what we want our freshly painted home to look like, it is always safe to get an opinion from a professional’s perspective. 

Of course, you should not fully rely on the opinion of the San Diego painting company as you should first have an idea of your own of what you want your home to look like on the outside. When choosing which colors you want on the exterior of your home, some simple tips include:

  • Fit in with nature

  • Match your neighbors

  • Existing house features

  • Choose three colors

  • Research for inspiration

Fit In With Nature

Depending on the particular area you live within San Diego, CA, it is best to choose colors where nature can complement the house. This doesn’t mean you need to choose a green house if your front lawn is green, it just means you should be allowing the surrounding areas like mountains, hills, rocks, grass, water, trees, and so on, to complement the colors you want to choose. A painting company located in San Diego will typically know which colors fit best in your particular area.

Match Your Neighbors

You don’t want to be that house that is a complete misfit in your neighborhood. It is best to choose a tone that fits in well with the houses or buildings surrounding you in your neighborhood. If houses surrounding your area are typically painted on a bit of a brighter scale, you will want to choose a brighter tone. If your neighbors typically have more dull, calm colors, you will want to go with one of those. 

Existing House Features

Existing house features, like your roof, shed, garage, and doors should be aspects to consider when you’re trying to come up with a set of colors you want for your home. A San Diego painting company typically has an eye for what goes well with existing house components if you are having a hard time choosing yourself.


Choose Three Colors

When choosing a house color after having all of these factors in mind, remember that you aren’t just choosing one color. You should be choosing a main color, an accent color for certain sections of the house, as well as a trim color. It is important to have three colors that really fit well together as they can help bring the whole look together.

Research For Inspiration

If you are having a hard time looking for colors that you feel you would like, you can also look up other houses online for inspiration. Another painting company in San Diego may have done something that you would love for your own home, you just need to find the right palette of colors. For some examples of what Peek Brothers Painting has done for the exterior of other homes, you can visit our website. You may find something that they have already done to inspire the look you want to go with your own home.