Items You Will Need To Paint The Interior Of Your Home In San Diego, CA

Other than paint, there are quite a few things that you will need to buy in order to paint a room. These items that you will need to buy are things that all San Diego painting companies, like Peek Brothers Painting, use in order to get the job done. These items are all necessary for painting in your home for efficiency, safety, and accuracy. The items that you will need to have to paint the interior of your home include:

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Painter’s tape

  • Drop cloths

  • Brushes

  • Paint rollers

  • Paint roller trays

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies should be the first thing that is purchased and used. It is important to use soap, water, towels, and even sponges on any walls before beginning to paint. This ensures that the paint will stick better and apply better. Painting companies in San Diego will know that this needs to be done because it allows the paint to last a lot longer and have a cleaner finish. The process of cleaning and preparing a wall before painting also include patching any holes with a hole filler. This will allow the paint to go on smoothly and will make the wall look new once painted over.

Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is used to go around the edges of the walls, the ceiling, doorways, and window frames. This will keep the paint from touching other surfaces that aren’t meant to be painted and will provide clean edges once peeled off.

Drop Cloths

Reliable San Diego painting companies will always cover everything before beginning to paint. This means any furniture, surfaces, or the floor that paint can fall onto in the process will be protected. This is to protect anything else from being destroyed or ruined in the process.


Brushes are of course important because they allow the painter to reach small corners, edges, and other places that are typically harder to get to otherwise. It is a good idea to get different sized brushes for different sized areas. Any architecture that has a unique pattern or style to it may require a brush as compared to a paint roller as well.


Paint Rollers

A paint roller will be the main utility that painting companies in San Diego will use to paint a majority of the walls. This is for everything in the center of the wall that isn’t too close to edges and small corners that are close to other things, like window frames and doorways. It is also a good idea to buy paint rollers of varying sizes for different portions of the wall being painted. Smaller paint rollers for more narrow sections, and longer ones for wide open sections.

Paint Roller Trays

Paint roller trays are important for having a place to pour the paint when doing large projects with paint rollers as well as having a place to set paint rollers and brushes while they are not being used. Painting companies in San Diego use these for every project they paint, of course for efficiency, but also to keep things clean.