Best Tips For Painting The Outside Of Your Home In San Diego, CA

When it comes to painting the outside of your house in San Diego, CA, there are a lot of important tips that painting contractors will use and learn over time that you may also find useful to know as well. Some of these tips are more common sense than others, but they are all useful and can save your home from having problems right from the start and in the long run. Peek Brothers Painting uses similar tactics in order to have the best outcome for a paint job on the exterior of your home. Six tips for painting the exterior of your home include:

  • Scrape off loose paint

  • Wash the exterior

  • Consider the weather

  • Start at the top

  • Use primer

  • Use brushes and rollers

Scrape Off Loose Paint

Painting contractors in San Diego will always scrape off old paint that is on your house. Scraping off old paint is essential to having a smooth layer go over the top. If you were to paint your home without scraping the paint off first, you would be left with a paint finish that doesn’t last too long, with the new paint beginning to peel off soon after. Luckily, Peek Brothers Painting would never make this mistake as they strive for a long-lasting finish and know what the effects would be if they weren’t to scrape off loose paint first.

Wash The Exterior

Washing the outside of your home before ever beginning to apply paint to the outside is an important tip. This will take off any residue or possible buildup of any sort that got on the outside of your house over time. The type of things that can build up on the outside of your home include things like spider webs, soot, dust, and leaves. Painting contractors in San Diego will do this as it will lead to a more reliable and long-lasting coat of paint on your house.

Consider The Weather

The weather is important for San Diego painting contractors to always be aware of. It’s a good idea to always check for rain, wind, snow, and even sun as they can all have negative lasting effects on your freshly painted home.

Start At The Top

Starting at the top when painting is always a good idea. Bringing out a ladder and starting at the top of your home when painting will allow you to avoid the problem of painting the bottom first, then needing to put the ladder on wet paint to get the top part done.

Use Primer

Paint primer is always important because it will help cover up any marks that would be visible otherwise, it helps seal the layer underneath, and also helps the coat of paint on top show better. You will find that San Diego painting contractors use primer first for the best result of a successful paint job on your home.


Use Brushes And Rollers

Having and using both brushes and rollers on your home when painting is a good tip, because you will often find yourself running into situations where a brush is needed for places your roller won’t reach. A roller can help provide an even coat over the sides of your home, while also being faster, but a brush will be necessary for many smaller and narrow areas.